Blood Below the Skin

Blood Below the Skin

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This free screening of Blood Below the Skin is presented as a partnership between Queensland Film Festival and the University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery.

Jennifer Reeder | USA 2015, 33 minutes | 6pm Wednesday 15 August at the University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery

Pop culture talismans and music hits feed the surreal atmosphere of Jennifer Reeder’s films, which evoke the magical power of the secret languages of adolescence and interrogate gender divides. – Carmen Gray, Dazed

This musical narrative chronicles a week in the lives of three teenage girls, from different social circles, who form a bond in the week leading up to the school dance. Countdown to prom night is actually countdown to irreversible change for each girl. Two of the girls are falling in love with each other against all expectations and the third girl is forced to mother her own mother in the wake of her father’s disappearance. Each girl seeks comfort within the walls of her bedroom where the music blasting from the turntable provides a magical synchronicity between them all.

Blood Below the Skin is preceded by a program of woman-directed shorts that also draw on the emotional logic of music: A Million Miles Away (Reeder, 2014, 29minutes), and Amelia Rose Towers (Farkas, 1992, 11minutes).


D Jennifer Reeder S Jennifer Reeder P Penelope Bartlett and Steven Hudosh C Christopher Rejano E Mike Olenick
Language: English
Distribution: Jennifer Reeder DCP

Unrated 15+

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