Subversive Forms: Cattet and Forzani’s Cinema of Attractions

Cattet & Forzani

Join us for a free editing masterclass with Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani. Subject of this year’s retrospective, Cattet & Forzani are two of the leading lights of international filmmakers, exploring and exploding such genres as the Western, the Police Procedural, and, most intently for them, the Italian Giallo or thriller. This masterclass will be helmed by AFTRS’s Head of Screen Studies, Matt Campora.

This free class will conclude with a screening of Cattet & Forzani’s shorts: Catharsis (2001), Yellow Room (2002), The End of Our Love (2003), The Strange Portrait of the Lady in Yellow (2004), Santos Palace (2006), O is for Orgasm (2012), Dario Argento (2013).

This is an opportunity not to be missed, whether as a filmmaker or film lover.

FREE EVENT – 10:30am Sunday 22 July, New Farm Cinemas

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Love Means Taking Action

Join us for a free discussion panel and screening themed around the representation of domestic and emotional labour as it relates to art.

Grounded in a retrospective of the French filmmaker Valérie Massadian, QFF2018’s Aesthetics of Care program presents works that engage with caring, parenting and domestic labour. These films demand justice, to and from the world. These works show caring, make it visible, but also incorporate caring into the production process itself, with the films tracing ways of representing the thought, ethical deliberation and engagement of the practice of caring.

For more information on the films screening, click here.

FREE EVENT – 7:30pm Thursday 26 July, Institute of Modern Art

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The Rare Event

Join us for a free discussion panel themed around the relationship between knowledge and magic. In Kenneth Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother, chants and rituals open up a magick portal; In Ben River and Ben Russell’s The Rare Event, discussion and exhibition open up a gateway to another dimension; and in James Benning’s L. Cohen, song and careful camera placement sublimely transform the world. Each film screened offers a way into thinking about how erudition and knowledge can open up new realms.

This panel looks at the relationship between knowledge and art, theory and experience, and how both film and contemporary art draw on the concept of magic in its execution and staging.

For more information on the films screening click here.

FREE EVENT – 11:00am Monday 17 July, Institute of Modern Art

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