Mineral Contact

Mineral Contact

Mixed 81 minutes | 6:30pm, Tuesday 18 May at Outer Space Gallery

This free screening, Mineral Contact is presented as a partnership between the Queensland Film Festival and Outer Space ARI.

Facebook event can be found here.

This Mirror Mine screening presents three works by the Cantrills grounded in North Stradbroke, and one commissioned work from the critical human geographies researcher-artist Amelia Hine—each marking on the point of contact between the natural and social world.

Coalesce | Amelia Hine | 2019, 12 minutes
Coalesce presents a verbally unbalanced discussion between a human interviewer and a piece of coal, as together they work to understand the world from the other’s viewpoint. This dialogue is accompanied by collage animation that works toward restructuring time and recombining the human and more-than-human into co-constituted beings. The use of collage allows the multilayered, handmade construction of the film to remain visible, indicating ongoing story creation and its emergence from a specific standpoint.
HD File Courtesy of Amelia Hine

Kip & David | Arthur & Corinne Cantrill | 1963, 12 minutes
Made at the outset of the Cantrills’ career, and filmed as part of an ABC children’s documentary series, this episode contains the only extant imagery of Indigenous shell middens on North Stradbroke—destroyed by rutile sand mining by the early ‘70s.
16mm B&W print Courtesy of ACMI & the Cantrills

Island Fuse | Arthur and Corinne Cantrill | 1971, 11 minutes
Island Fuse draws on footage of Stradbroke shot as part of the Cantrills earlier documentary work—folding it into their experimental work by using an analysis projector to re-film the footage with chromatic filters to reveal invisible aspects. The film focuses on the interaction of the elements that produced the film: “the analysis projector, the camera and its various mechanisms; filters, the projector and its mechanisms; the ribbon and the photograms; the operators.” – Corinne Cantrill
16mm Colour Reversal Print courtesy of ACMI & the Cantrills

Ocean at Point Lookout | Arthur and Corinne Cantrill | 1977, 46 minutes
Comprised of new footage, filmed at a time when the filmmakers, returning to Brisbane, were astonished by the impact of tourism on the island, presents a surface and different states of the ocean, where storms, days of flat calm, the sunset and night times relate with different qualities of the filmic image.
16mm Colour Reversal Print courtesy of ACMI & the Cantrills

Unrated 15+

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