Relationship Shorts

Relationship Shorts
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Mixed 80 minutes| 8:30pm, Thursday 13 July

This mixed programme showcases top quality shorts from Australia and around the world. This year’s selection is themed around relationships.

Jean Bjargey Ólafsdóttir | 1998, 4 minutes
Ma Madeleine Thien Nguyen| 2017, 11 minutes
Peripheral Vision Emily Avilia | 2017, 8 minutes
Lost My Head Bjargey Ólafsdóttir | 1998, 9 minutes
Kiss Me Lara Gissing| 2017, 10 minutes
The Ravens Jennifer Perrott | 2016, 23 minutes
Journey Radheya Jegatheva| 2016, 8 minutes
Alone Nicolas Dunn | 2016, 6 minutes


Programmed by Ali Back and Kelly-Ann Bennett with assistance from Stefanie Canard, Keely Hall, Gloria Napier, Samantha Ellis, and Ziyu Wang.
Unrated 18 +

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