The Rare Event

The Rare Event

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Mixed | 11am, Saturday 28 July

a spacey reverie about the relationship between knowledge and art, theory and experience
– Giovanni Marchini Camia, Sight & Sound Magazine

Presented as a partnership between Queensland Film Festival and the Institute of Modern Art, this free screening, The Rare Event, is a series of magick portals summoned by incantations of erudition that explore the relationship between knowledge and art, theory and experience.

Join QAGoMA curator Ellie Buttrose, artist Kate Woodcroft, and QFF festival director John Edmond as they explore and dissect the relationship between knowledge and art, theory and experience, and how both film and contemporary art draw on the concept of magic in its execution and staging.

Invocation of My Demon Brother | Kenneth Anger 1969 | 12 minutes
The Rare Event, this darkly auratic time-object is a startling black mirror of occult vibrations, magical inquiry, and the very real possibilities of Satanic resistance. (Ben Rivers, Ben Russell)
Courtesy of the NFSA

The Rare Event | Ben Rivers & Ben Russell 2018 | 48 minutes
The Rare Event is notionally a documentary of a three-day forum, featuring an impressive cast: Albert Serra, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Étienne Balibar, Timothy Morton, and Jean-Luc Nancy, amongst others. The purpose of this forum—to explore the the manifold possibilities of Resistance, the title of Jean-François Lyotard’s unrealised follow-up to his landmark exhibition Les Immatérieux (The Immaterials).
However, Rivers and Russell also conjure a have produced a structural analysis of a philosophical discussion in-the-round. Our “appearance dimension” is deceptive, and with the help of a wandering Green Man, an immersive 5.1 sound-mix, and a dose of kinetic digital magick (courtesy of artist Peter Burr, QFF2016 & 2017), this erudite document of Resistance slowly transforms into the Rare Event.
Courtesy of LUX

L. Cohen | James Benning 2018 | 48 minutes
“[A] 45-minute single take of Oregon farmland. The drone of unseen planes fills the soundtrack, but the relentlessly static image scarcely betrays any trace of movement, with even the blades of grass in the foreground remaining frozen in this windless scene. Then, about halfway through, the great event arrives: a solar eclipse engulfs the world in sublime transformation. Animals howl in the darkness, and then all is restored. The banal and the breathtaking coexist.” (Erika Balsom)
Courtesy of James Benning

This is a free screening taking place at the IMA at 11am on the 28th of July.


Unrated 18 +

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