Stereo Unrest: The 3D Videos of Blake Williams

Stereo Unrest: The 3D Videos of Blake Williams

98m | 7pm, Thursday 4 March | New Farm Cinemas | Free

A retrospective of the 3D works, anaglyph and polarised, of Blake Williams. Programmed by QFF director John Edmond in support of Associate Professor Elizabeth Stephens and her ARC Future Fellowship: Understanding Collaboration Between the Arts and Science.

Many A Swan | 2012 | Anaglyph | 6m
A film about folding — folded paper, folded land, folded timelines, folded video planes — that daydreams about the Grand Canyon (seen here in various ads, music videos, and anonymous found footage), Hollywood’s “Golden Age of 3D” and the art of origami.

Red Capriccio | 2014 | Anaglyph | 7m
An anaglyphic found footage film about machines and landscape that interlaces motion with stasis, crescendos with glissandos, and reds with blues. Its three movements depict a parked Chevy Caprice police vehicle, Montréal’s Turcot Interchange, and an empty rave room.

Something Horizontal | 2015 | Polarised 3D | 10m
Flashes of Victorian domestic surfaces and geometric shadows transform the physical world into a somber, impressionistic abstraction, while elsewhere a spectre emerging from the depths of German Expressionism reminds us that what goes up always comes down.

2008 | 2019 | Polarised 3D | 12m
A stereoscopic aubade pondering the distance of the recent past, illusions of unity, and the comforts of companionship.

Prototype| 2018 | Polarised 3D | 63m
As a major storm strikes Texas in 1900, a mysterious televisual device is built and tested. Blake Williams’ 3D sci-fi film, Prototype, immerses us in the aftermath of the Galveston disaster to fashion a haunting treatise on technology, cinema, and the medium’s future. Expanding on the discoveries of his earlier anaglyphic 3D shorts, Williams’ debut feature experiments with the possibilities of polarised 3D and is as much an archaeological dig into abandoned stereoscopic furrows of the past as a visionary expansion of what is actually possible with cinema. A unique and immersive trip not to be missed.

Unrated 15+
Courtesy of Blake Williams

Image: Prototype. Courtesy of Blake Williams.

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